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вторник, 25 сентября 2012 г.

[tema] SocietySm - 04/23/2004 - Natali Demore

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SocietySm - 04/23/2004 - Natali Demore

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The absolutely adorable Natali Demore is caught by Ogre...with demands for a new flesh-toy from Mistress Harrington, he captures and carries little Natali over his shoulder...he pulls her clothes down and leaves her to struggle...the Mistress enters and explains it all to the frightened captive as she unties and forces her into some stockings and sexy panties...the Mistress ties Natali onto a chair and applies some nipple vices...in the next scene, Natali is tied in a breast harness and the Mistress ties her standing...she inserts a dildo into Natali's perfect pink pussy and gags her with vet wrap...then onto the floor with legs spread...Mistress Harrington slaps and spanks the dildo into her loins as Natali struggles and groans...great diologue and great rope bondage make this a fantastic update...Natali's captive torment continues as she is tied with hands above head...Mistress Harrington enters to secure her ankles in a spreader bar...completely naked, Natali can barely struggle as the Mistress informs her of her fate...Ogre enters and gags the helpless girl with a large black bit...He ruthlessly spanks, canes and flogs poor Natali as she hops around, trying her bound best to avoid the lashes to her breast, tummy and ass...by the end of the scene she is panting and covered with her own drool...then she is tied to a chair, hands pulled back and ankles tied to inner thighs...a vibrator tied firmly into her naked crotch...Mistress Harrington enters for the last rights...she switches on the vibrator and leaves lovely Natali to her own forced pleasures...her body shakes and she begs for release as waves of climax take her over

Format: real
Duration: 1:11:13
Video: 320x240, RV30
Audio: 15kbps

File size: 174.9 MB

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