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вторник, 25 сентября 2012 г.

[tema] SocietySm - 05/06/2004 - Brandy Laine

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SocietySm - 05/06/2004 - Brandy Laine

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Brandy is a very sweet and submissive women and it's easy to feel sorry for her as she stands with her hands tied behind her back and a posture collar which is tied off to the beams above her...she is the very epitomy of precious, feminine-prey as Ogre enters the scene to take advantage...he begins by grabbing the groping Brandy, and it's not long before he pulls her shirt over her huge, lucious breasts...Brandy gives a sweet sigh of resignment as Ogre pulls down her panties to expose her pussy...the worry is apparent as Ogre spanks her ass and takes her in his arms...he frees Brandy from her collar and puts her on the stretching rack to be hogtied...he completes the tie by roping her torso onto the table...then Brandy is stretched on the table, Ogre makes sure to completely pull her body as he cranks the winches...he whipd her breasts, tummy and pussy as Brandy lays helpless...then bamboo pinchers are fixed to her nipples and clothespins are applied to various parts of her body...in the final scene, Brandy is tied for a machine fucking...her neck is roped to the table and her arms are pulled below her...her legs are strecthed out and down...he uses a vibrator to buxx her clit before making her suck a dildo and hold it in her mouth....then the machine starts pumping...in and out, faster and faster until Ogre uses the vibrator on her clit again and Brandy reels from the intense pleasure which is forced upon her...

Format: real
Duration: 36:37
Video: 320x240, RV30
Audio: 15kbps

File size: 79.6 MB

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